Kristin Künc teaches at the Teaching Studio in Brooklyn, NY and at Oyster Bay. She also teaches privately. Inquiries about private lessons should be directed to



Kristin accepts portrait commissions in addition to teaching. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact Kristin at
about the process

To begin the process, I like to meet with the client in their home or office so we can speak casually about the specifics of the painting, and so I can get a feel for the personality of the sitter. It’s also helpful to see where the painting will finally be displayed so I can take into consideration the sitter’s aesthetic taste and style.

Later at a second meeting using the client’s participation we design the painting, which takes approximately 3 hours. I work with my client’s to find the right setting and clothing; we try out a variety of different poses and outfits until we find the one that has the most magic. From there I take a series of photographs, which I use as reference while working in my studio. In addition I will make a few drawings and color studies on location with the client.

After the initial sitting I then transfer the painting to canvas and begin the life-size work at my studio. Drawing upon my knowledge and expertise I can develop the under-painting entirely from imagination and the studies. It is important for the final pass that the client is able to come in for several 2-3 hour sittings. For a modern person’s busy lifestyle these sittings can seem daunting at first. However I’ve found most people enjoy this time away from their regular lives. I do not like people to sit rigidly. It is a time to relax and enjoy good music and conversation.

The finished product is not only a striking conversation piece and addition to your decor; it is an art form in which you, the client, have actively participated.